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rotary presses

for the food and beverage industry

Innovative dewatering technology that is a cut above the rest

Take advantage of a fully automated solution for continuous and remote operations.

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Stop compromising on the performance of your dewatering equipment.

Fournier’s proven technology eliminates the hassles associated with conventional dewatering. Our rotary presses offer high cake dryness and solids capture rates—without the need for continuous washing.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Expand your dewatering capabilities on your terms.

The Fournier rotary press can be easily upgraded for future needs without any major refurbishments or larger footprint. In addition, thanks to its modular design, you’ll benefit from maximum versatility and redundancy.
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Exceptionally clean

A totally enclosed system guarantees no leaking, squirting, odours, pathogen dispersion, or VOC emissions.


Ensures a smooth and noise-free operating process.


A unique, simplified design makes this rotary press nearly maintenance-free.

operating costs

Save on water, energy, polymer, manpower and disposal costs.

Renown customers that trust Fournier

There is a better way to dewater.

Fournier brings your dewatering operations to a whole new level in efficiency and cost-savings.
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